AnnouncementThe NSW Government has announced a new selection-based invitation system for State Sponsorship Applications from February 2015.  This change affects applications for nomination under the Subclass 190 Visa pathway.

What’s changing?

Previously, NSW operated a ‘first in first served’ system for nomination applications for the state-sponsored 190 visa pathway.  This meant that applicants who met the requirements competed for a nomination place based on the time they submitted their NSW State Sponsorship application.

Now, applicants will not be able to submit a nomination application to the NSW Government directly.  Instead, they are to follow the process below:-

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the Department of Immigration and Border Protections electronic system.  Applicants must ensure they meet all requirements at time of EOI lodgement and indicate interest for NSW State Sponsorship.
  2. NSW Government staff will assess the EOIs in the pool and invite selected applicants to make an application.  Candidates have 14 days to submit an application to NSW Government upon invitation.
  3. Apply for NSW State Sponsorship and wait for outcome – processing time is 12 weeks.
  4. Upon approval of NSW State Sponsorship, lodge visa application within 60 days

There are no ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ dates for submitting the EOI application.  NSW Government staff will invite candidates progressively between Februrary and June 2015, when the 2014-2015 Migration Year comes to a close.

The new NSW State Migration Skilled Occupation List will be released this week and posted on this website once it is available.

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