2016Skilled Occupation List Update1 August 2015 – The NSW State Government has announced changes to the State Nomination Program for the permanent Subclass 190 Visa.

Effective immediately, there are two streams for NSW State Sponsorship, with a new Priority Skilled Occupation List replacing the existing State Nomination Skills List.

There are up to 4000 places available for NSW Nomination in this financial year.

What are the two streams?

Based on the NSW State Government released information, the two streams for nomination under the 190 visa subclass are as follows:

  • Stream 1: This is the same as the previous program.  Your occupation must be on the NSW Occupation List (now called the NSW Priority Skilled Occupation List – NSW PSOL). The highest scoring applicants will be invited first, on a rolling basis.
  • Stream 2: This stream was not previously available.  Applicants whose occupation is not on the NSW PSOL could still be potentially nominated, based on labour demand in the NSW economy.

You do not need to choose a stream however you must select NSW Nomination as one of your preferred states when submitting your Expression of Interest.

What occupations are on the NSW State Nomination List?

You can view the new 2015-2016 NSW Priority Skilled Occupation List for Subclass 190 here.

What does this mean?

If your occupation is listed on the NSW PSOL, the program remains unchanged for you.  You will need to continue to wait for an invitation to apply for NSW State Nomination.

If you have an occupation on the CSOL but not on the NSW PSOL, you should still consider NSW State Nomination as there is potential for nomination based on labour market demand.

Successful nomination entitles you to an extra 5 Points on the Skilled Migration Points Test and priority processing by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  The applicable visa is the State Nominated – Subclass 190 Visa.

For advice and assistance with your application, please book a consultation with our migration agents.

The above information does not constitute immigration advice or assistance.




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