The Department of Immigration has announced changes to the Australian migration program under the Visa Simplification and Deregulation Project.

The following visas are no longer open for applications:-

  • Tourist visa (subclass 676)
  • Sponsored family visitor visa (subclass 679)
  • Business (short Stay) visa (Subclass 456)
  • Sponsored business visitor (short stay) visa (subclass 459)
  • Medical Treatment (short stay) visa (subclass 675)
  • Medical Treatment (long stay) visa (subclass 685)
  • Electronic Travel Authority (visitor) (subclass 976)
  • Electronic Travel Authority (business – short validity) (subclass 977)
  • Electronic Travel Authority (business – long validity) (subclass 956).

These have been replaced by new visa subclasses, as follows:

Subclass 400 – Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity)

This visa allows you to:

  • do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work
  • participate in an event or events on a non-ongoing basis at the invitation of an Australian organisation.

Subclass 600 – Visitor Visa

Apply for this visa if you want to travel Australia as tourists, for business or to visit family. It is a temporary visa valid for up to 3 months (case by case basis) with no work rights.  However, you can undertake  study for up to the validity of your visa.

Subclass 601 – Electronic Travel Authority
Subclass 602 – Medical Treatment

Subclass 651 – eVisitor

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